Story behind the label

What's in a label?

Well, for us, a personal insight and the creative input of a few very talented people. On every one of the labels, we share the story of how we met and the specific story on why this variety of wine in the bottle means something to us.

Rollick Wines First Step Fiano Label Artwork

The thinking behind the brand

The logo – kick up your heels – and the touchpoints of the brand, are the brainchild of our great friend Camille (affectionately nicknamed Camel). She distilled everything we wanted in a way we couldn’t. She is a supremely talented graphic designer, a humble machine at getting things done and incredibly creative. We would be lost without her! We wanted to feature her more prominently – but in typical Camel style, she likes to work behind the scenes. So Camel, here’s to you!

The artwork on the label 

The eclectic explosion of colour and form is the work of our brilliant mate Arlon Hall - aka Hally. It’s a distillation of a piece that is framed and hangs in our house to this day. This piece is part of the ‘Just Born’ series, which he painted in during a residency at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India through The Helpmann Academy. It’s a one-off piece – we know there will never be another like it! The colour, expression, uniqueness and fun behind this piece all further represent the type of brand we want to build and the experience we can offer our community.

So, who is Hally? Well firstly, he’s a downright legend! He was best man at our wedding and has been Jack’s best mate since Kindy. And he’s one of the busiest and most generous people we’ve ever met. 

Arlon Hall Artist behind Rollick Wines Label Artwork

Arlon Hall, Artist

Hally is a contemporary artist who graduated from the South Australian School of Art with honours in 2011. Predominantly working in painting and drawing, Hally’s current practice investigates the relationship between line and colour, fusing these elements together, exploring the moments in between and in collision in abstract painting. Most recently, he has been exploring ways to extend his painting and drawings through sculpture and installation. You may have seen some of his work; he is a current studio member of Praxis Art Space, as well as the art collective 'The Bait Fridge', where his practice is further expanded through performance, dance and costume making (it’s truly an immersive experience, if you ever get the chance!). He has exhibited at several galleries through South Australia including the Barossa Regional Gallery, FELT Space, Peter Walker Fine Art, Carclew, Floating Goose Studios, Fontanelle and Praxis Art Space. And, his talents haven’t gone unnoticed. Hally was most recently awarded the Eran Svigos Award for Best Visual Art for his Playground Exhibition in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival. In addition to all of this, Hally also works as a secondary high school art teacher, has been involved in running and assisting workshops for Carclew’s Pom Pom Program, is a photographer and works as a DJ! 

Now you’re part of the story

With every bottle you buy, you’re taking a piece of art (both on the label and in the bottle) and a fun story home with you – which we want you to share and build upon through your own fun times drinking with those you cherish most. We hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed collaboratively creating it.

So, cheers and kick up your heels, because it’s surely time for a drink.

Tash & Jack