Meet Jack & Tash

Here’s Jack

Jack Winemaker Photo
Jack is the co-founder and winemaker for Rollick Wines. And, he sports one heck of a beard. It doesn’t get much better than that, right?
Born and raised in the Barossa, Jack has more than 12+ years winemaking experience across Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy. This includes more than 7 years as part of the winemaking team at Henschke, one of Australia’s most premium and long-standing family wineries. He has also completed vintages at Vietti, Villa Maria and Paul Jaboulet Aine. He has the know-how to create a good drop and acclaim to match it. 
Jack takes wine very seriously. Don’t let that fool you though – he’s laid back, happy-go-lucky and loves sharing his knowledge. He is also renowned for busting out unique moves on the d-floor. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to see it one day…
Fun fact: Jack hates tomato sauce (ketchup), passionately. He won’t let Tash bring it in the house.


Here's Tash

Tash is the co-founder and creative brains behind Rollick Wines.
Tash was born in the Barossa but spent most of her life elsewhere. With experience in management consulting and advertising, she has travelled and lived near and far, counting NYC, The Netherlands, New Zealand and France as former homes.
Not one to sit on the side lines, Tash would work weekends with Jack over vintages in the early stages of their relationship before completing vintages overseas. She won’t claim to be an expert – she’s just passionately interested, having always had a love for the booze, food and tourism industries. She, like Jack, wants to make sure you can have some fun with wine and learn a little along the way!
Fun fact: Tash, like any normal person, loves tomato sauce (ketchup) and may or may not have a secret bottle in the house. As a kid, she ate tomatoes like apples (probably not normal).